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Agreed to use regulation

Once successfully registered and become a member of us, you can purchase at any shops from the Internet. Registration is free of charge. Click [Next step]if you agree the regulation as below.

1. General rules
(The range of application of the regulation)
Agree to use the regulation (hereinafter referred to as “the rules”) is suitable for "Shanghai Takemoto packages co., ltd." (hereinafter referred to as the "company") to provide services (hereinafter referred to as the "services") of individuals and legal person(hereinafter referred to as the "user".
• The rules contain the privacy treaty and other regulation made by the company.
• If there is a contradiction between the rules, other regulation and privacy treaty of the contents, we should put other regulation first, the rules second, the privacy treaty last. If there are occasions except the above case, we should adopt the contents of the same treaty from the rules and other regulation.
• As for the rules, the third rule”inform”is still a part of the regulation.