TAKEMOTO’s original total packaging solution brings customers’ product ideas to life



Choose from over 20,000 combinations, with small lot production & customization.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of optimized packaging solutions while eliminating initial investment costs and development time. Whatever your needs, TAKEMOTO provides the answer with superior quality packaging.


Tooling solutions for 100% order-made, custom container design

We offer containers designed according to your desired shape, design, and function. With TAKEMOTO’s accumulated experience in container development, we can provide customers with a truly unique packaging solution.



TAKEMOTO’s commitment

Total quality management

We strive to maintain the highest quality in all processes. When a container is developed, durability, strength and performance are confirmed and functional tests are performed under severe temperature and pressure conditions. Raw materials and finished products are also strictly managed to meet industry standards.

Quality Assurance


Consideration for the environment

The environmental impact of the container is always considered. In order to minimize this impact, we are implementing new initiatives in development and production from 3 distinct approaches: Materials, Recycling, and Technical Innovation.



Customer-focused production system

In business, packaging cannot be considered a success unless it produces results. TAKEMOTO has developed a customer-focused system that is faster, more flexible, and results in the efficient manufacture and supply of containers. We contribute to your business through packaging optimization.


Service flow

We strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers and provide solutions that enhance product value. To achieve this, we implement measures in four areas: product development, product lineup, customization, and production support. The integrated implementation of these packaging solutions in-house creates a value chain.

Standard Bottle




Development proposal to match the concept

After fully understanding the customer’s idea, we propose the optimum way to develop a container that embodies the concept. We solve the issues facing our customers by utilizing the experience gained over our 70-year history.



Selection of the ideal container

We work with the customer to select the basic container design. We meet various needs with standard bottles or by developing new containers according to the functions, quality and design required.



Color & decoration (customization)

We offer customization of containers with advanced decoration technology. You can choose from our extensive selection of standard colors or fully customizable color solutions. Various processing technologies such as printing and labeling open up infinite possibilities of packaging design.



The right time, just the right quantity

We have built a customer-focused system that allows us to manufacture and deliver containers quickly and efficiently. By managing all stages of the container manufacturing process in-house, we can agilely respond to various requests including required date of supply and quantity.