Our Company

It’s all about creating Standout packaging solutions

Over the 70 years since our founding, we have listened to the opinions of customers, considered the business issues we share, and have continued to take on the challenge of solving them. We strive to acquire technology and constantly pursue quality improvements. We constantly work to find innovative and original methods, and we strive to meet our customers’ needs while fulfilling our corporate responsibility to society.


To contribute to the global packaging culture

Containers are essential to daily life. By providing our customers with container packaging components that ensure safe storage and packaging of their products, we enhance those products’ value and individuality, thereby contributing to the global packaging culture.


To provide Standout packaging solutions that create the product value that customers demand and deliver higher satisfaction

※Standout: to be prominent, excellent

Standout packaging solutions have the design and performance and functionality, as well as the originality, technology and high reliability to create the customer’s product value. The result is a solution that goes above and beyond customer expectations.

Company Profile

Founded in Tokyo in 1950, we sell and manufacture glass and plastic containers, and were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014.


CEO Message

Our goal is to offer Standout packaging solutions, continuing to evolve with a spirit of challenge toward the creation of a rich and enjoyable life.

Emiko Takemoto

Chief Executive Officer