CEO Message

Our goal is to offer Standout packaging solutions, continuing to evolve with a spirit of challenge toward the creation of a rich and enjoyable life.


“Containers have been with us for as long as human civilization. At TAKEMOTO, we see ourselves as proud keepers of a timeless cultural tradition that enriches human lives. We also see ourselves as innovators, challenging ourselves to lead that tradition into a better future for our customers and end users.

As a pioneer in “standard” packaging, our focus in on the quality, functionality and individuality that our customers demand in their containers. Nothing is more rewarding to us than helping bring our customers’ concepts to life. Together with our customers, we are focused on the future, constantly looking to deliver new value to daily life through packaging. Containers involve wide ranging knowledge and collaboration with various partners opens up endless possibilities.

To that end, we must always maintain a Standout spirit and attitude with regard to development. The word “Standout” means “prominent and excellent”. It means developing packaging solutions that have the design and performance and functionality as well as the originality, technology and high reliability to create the customer’s product value. The result is a solution that goes above and beyond customer expectations.”


It is our goal to contribute to the global packaging culture through creation of a rich and enjoyable life, and, with consideration of the protection of the global environment, the pursuit of sustainable economic growth.

Currently, regulations on plastic containers are being put in place around the world against the backdrop of the problem of ocean waste. With its mission to contribute to global packaging culture, tackling these global environmental conservation issues is essential for TAKEMOTO, and this has been a research theme for many years. We have been continuously involved in the development and use of biodegradable plastics for about 30 years.

As material for containers, plastic is an important and indispensable material in terms of its various advantages and conveniences, as well as our past activities and experience. Furthermore, it is a fundamental global policy to promote effective utilization of plastic as resource that contributes to sustainable development. However, we must break free from the system and values of the consumer society. There is no doubt that this will significantly change the design and development of containers and the environment and system surrounding them.

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Founding spirit

Takemoto Yohki Co., Ltd.

Emiko Takemoto

Chief Executive Officer