Complete tooling solutions for order-made, custom container design
We offer containers designed according to your desired shape, design, and function. With TAKEMOTO’s accumulated experience in container development, we can provide customers with a truly unique packaging solution.


The advantages of a TAKEMOTO partnership

With a wide variety of available caps and dispensers, combinations exist to meet any needs.
TAKEMOTO offers a wide variety of caps, plugs and dispensers that can be combined with customer’s ideas for bottles and jars. It is possible to reduce mold costs by utilizing these caps and dispensers when designing the custom container. We have caps and dispensers to meet various demands, not only for the shape but also the usage, dosage and functionality.
TAKEMOTO’s vast collection of molds are available for use
By making use of our existing molds, you can speed up the commercialization of custom containers with lower initial cost. For example, you can use our existing preforms to make custom containers with excellent strength and stability with only the development of a blow mold required. In addition, it is also possible to add originality to the product by remodeling certain parts of existing products such as our pumps and replacement refill containers.
Prototyping can be rapidly implemented in response to customers’ needs using digital and other technologies
As the product life cycle is shortened, rapid product development is required. We prepare a prototype by making a 3D image container simulation from the customer’s sketch using digital tools, and can then make a 3D model or resin mold. Using digital technology to shorten the design period, we are also able to support the customer with a truly thorough process.
A cooperative development system to pursue and realize new product value with our customers.
When developing a new container, it is necessary to confirm from various viewpoints and angles not only the design, performance and function, but also the characteristics of the target contents and conduct various tests under the (assumed) usage environment. In addition, before it can be used as a container, a wide variety of knowledge, experience and networks are required with regard to material selection, intellectual property, mold characteristics, molding technology, legal regulations, delivery time, cost and logistics. We have a network of Standout human resources with abundant knowledge and experience both inside and outside the company to support container development at all levels and from every aspect.
Production sites are the heart of manufacturing. In unity with our productions bases, we give shape to the customer’s ideas.
The most important thing at our own production bases and our carefully cultivated external production network is to “give shape to the customer’s thoughts and ideas, and to make containers that securely protect those ideas”. Although we have a wide variety of equipment at our production bases, the most important thing is the standout pioneering spirit of our production site employees. In close partnership with our production sites, we are working to meet customer demands, accepting new challenges, responding to customer needs and building stable quality.
Overview of production equipment owned by the Takemoto Group (as of end of December 2020)
  • 96 injection molding machines
  • 52 blow molding machines
  • 38 injection stretch blow molding machines
  • 10 tube extrusion machines
  • 2 aluminum presses
  • 65 silk screen printing machines
  • Other equipment such as automatic labelers, etc.

Mold manufacturing

Mold development

At TAKEMOTO, we design and manufacture injection molds, blow molds, injection stretch blow molds, and other molds necessary for making plastic containers and accessories in-house.
We develop optimized molds from the perspective of a manufacturer that actually molds products.
Through this integrated process of product design, mold design, mold manufacturing, and mass production molding all conducted in-house, Takemoto is able to provide complete proposals and support in terms of speed, quality and cost.

Mold design

At TAKEMOTO, we have established a solution system for product design and mold design, and we implement mold design that achieves optimum quality and optimum productivity with rapid turnarounds.

Mold processing / manufacturing

The process of mold development starts with mold part processing and goes through assembly, trial production of molded parts, product qualification/ evaluation, and various functional tests. We have the system and experience to rapidly create products that meet the specifications required by our customers.

Main equipment

Main design equipment
  • CAD
  • CAM etc.
Main processing equipment
  • Machining center
  • CNC lathe
  • General-purpose milling machine
  • General-purpose lathe
  • Surface grinder
  • Molding grinder
  • Radial drilling machine
  • Laser welding machine
  • Laser engraving machine
  • Sandblasting machine etc.
Main inspection equipment
  • 3D measuring instruments
  • 2.5D measuring instruments
  • Projector
  • Optical measuring instruments etc.

Together Lab

At TAKEMOTO’s TOGETHER LAB, we create the customer’s brand in partnership with the customer.

In order to create the ideal container faster, we have created a lab where everything from project planning with the customer and trial production to consultation on mass production can be implemented.
Using a process that fuses digital and real world technologies, we give shape to ideas and images, sharing brand designs with our customers and working towards the creation of a new packaging culture.

Prototype creation

Digital design tools
3D images can be created from the customer’s own product design sketches and color simulation can be performed.
3D printing
From digital data, it is possible to make a 3D model, and also to make a resin mold to trial produce a molded container in order to confirm the shape with a real life image.

Color solutions

Color image booth
Products, models and trial products are colored with an air spray to confirm the product color image.
Color sample selection
A color sample that suits the product image is selected from color plates from previous production, PANTONE plastic plates and so on to produce the color.
Color verification
At TOGETHER LAB, colors can be matched based on the customer’s color sample and the product color can be confirmed on the spot with color cups and plates.

Trial product verification for final production

Printed trial product
At TOGETHER LAB, silkscreen printing on trial products (including bottles, caps, and tubes) is done to verify the product for final production.

Product Flow



We will bring your ideal container to life. We manufacture custom containers that are unique to the customers’ needs. We can meet a wide range of requests such as shape, color, size, graphics as well as sustainable materials, functionality, and quick supply. Whatever your needs, please feel free to contact us.



We will discuss the shape, design, contents, material, quantity, supply date, quality, cost, etc. of the desired container according to the customer’s product concept. Depending on your budget, we can also offer custom containers in combination with some of our ready-made products and combinations with our vast range of accessories.


Design image

We will give shape to your ideas and images. We will create product drawings and 3D data from sketches of the customer’s design. It is also possible to prepare drawings from the data provided by the customer. We use digital tools to produce a 3D image to simulate the form of the container, the decoration method, and the combination with accessories. 3D models and design drawings are provided to confirm the final result. For coloring, we can introduce options from a wide range of color samples. For decoration, we will propose various decoration methods to achieve your graphic design using various secondary processing methods. After confirming the details, we will present an estimate of the unit price of the product.


Coloring/secondary processing meeting

We will reproduce the design according to the customer’s requests. If the container will be colored, please present a color sample. We will quickly prepare a trial product in line with your desired schedule. If printing is required, please submit the design data.


Investigation and final drawing confirmation

The final product drawing and model will be confirmed. After confirming the total product balance including the product form and accessory, the sense of size, and the suitability of secondary processing via 3D simulation, the final detailed design drawing of the product will be approved.


Mold order and production

Together with the approval of the product design drawing, the mold is ordered by the customer. Molding tools will be produced based on the approved drawing. The production period varies depending on the molding method of the container, size, and shape.


Pre-production sample

With trial production, we will produce an actual bottle according to the design image. This is the final confirmation before the final production.


Verification, sensory evaluation, approval samples

With the pre-production sample, the customer will verify and evaluate the usability of the trial product. After this final confirmation, approval samples are submitted by the customer for Quality Assurance purposes.


Purchase order

The details of the quotation are confirmed and a purchase order is placed.


Final Production

Final production is commenced.



We will supply the products after they have cleared quality inspection on the appropriate date.


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