2021/06/28 Featured New Product New Product ECO

Refill system offering both luxury and sustainability

Introducing our new refill bottle system with a premium design.

The matte outer surface adds to the sense of luxury.

Bottle: REI-120ⅡS
Bottle: REI-100ⅡS
Pump: PD-P0524RR
Over cap: REI-120IIS OVER CAP

Information on the REI-IIS Series can be downloaded here

With coloring and decoration, the combination of the refill bottle with the translucent matte exterior of the outer case can create strong visual impact.

The thin wall refill bottle offers reduced use of raw materials. Contribute to environmental protection by reusing the case and replacing the refill bottle.

The pump is available with a dose of 0.5cc or 1.0cc. Choose the right specification to match the formula.

A cream jar refill system offering the same concept is also available.

Case: RECS-50 CASE
Cap: RECS-50 CAP
Refill Jar: RECS-50 REFILL
Refill Cap: RECS-50 REFILL CAP
Inner Lid: RECS-50 INNER LID

The refill function allows the decorated exterior case to be used repeatedly and encourages repeat sales. The refill concept is especially suitable for frequently used products such as beauty and moisturizing creams.