2021/07/15 Featured New Product New Product ECO

Refill bottle system featuring innovative design and function

This innovative bottle design concept allows you to confirm at glance how much formula remains.

From the left:
Case: NJ420 CASE
Bottle: RPM-420NJ
Pump: PD-0928LV Z Pump

Information on the NJ Series can be downloaded here

The bold face of the outer case provides the opportunity for high impact branding.
This outer case is designed to be used repeatedly by replacing the inner refill bottle.

The open design of the case means that the inner bottle is visible as it twists and collapses with use.
* Because of the airless structure of the inner bottle, the formula is not exposed to oxygen. The bottle twists and collapses with use, meaning that even highly viscous formula can be dispensed completely.

The outer case functions as a frame and maintains stability, allowing the use of the airless refill bottle.
The high-impact design extends beyond the outer case to the unique spiral creases of the refill bottle that are designed to collapse neatly as the contents are used.

When used in combination with our lever pump, the result is a unique packaging solution that has never been seen before. The lever pump also offers the feature of single-handed dispensing.