2021/07/20 Featured New Product New Product

Glass-like Premium Bottles

Introducing plastic bottles with the
appearance, quality, and presence of glass.
These thick wall bottles elevate their contents,
giving an impression of luxury.

From the left
Bottle: PPSG-30S
Bottle: PPSG-50S
Bottle: CCSPS-40

Information on the CCSPS and PPSG-S Series can be downloaded here

The thick wall straight and drop-shaped containers have the presence
to become an accent or the signature item of a product lineup.


They are ideal for a wide range of applications as essence and hair oil.
In combination with other Takemoto’s standard containers,
a full lineup can be developed, or they can shine as a stand-alone item.

Premium button type dropper

Unlike the conventional bladder type, by pressing the button
on the top of the dropper, formula can be drawn up and dispensed.

The clean, high-end design fits seamlessly with the form of the bottle.