2021/08/26 Featured New Product New Product ECO

Mono-material PET Freshness Retaining Bottles

Introducing multi-layer delaminating bottles made of PET material.
Both the outer and inner layer are molded with PET.

From the left
Bottle: S-PMP-280D
Pump: PD-P1024AⅡZ
Pump: PD-P0524BBZ
Top Cap: PD-0524 TOP CAP B
Cap: P-27 CAP

The special two-layer structure uses an airless pump
to collapse the inner layer as formula is dispensed.
This design also means that contact with air is prevented,
keeping the contents fresh, making them ideal for organic products.

The collapsing inner layer also offers the advantage that
even formula with hjigh viscosity can be dispensed more
completely compared to conventional bottles.

The outer bottle has the gloss of PET, creating a sense of luxury.
In addition, because both the outer and inner layers are made of the
same PET material, the bottles are easy to process and recycle after use.