2022/04/06 New Product

New plastic jar series with the high-end appeal of glass

Introducing a thick-wall plastic jar series with the transparency and presence of glass.

Jars (from the left)


Information on the MCG Series can be downloaded here

Available in capacities of 15ml and 20ml, these elegant jars are ideal for products such as eye cream and lip balm. The curve at the bottom on the inside allows every last bit to be collected with a finger or spatula. Lighter than glass, the slim design makes it easy to take on the go for business trips and travel.

Two cap options are available to complete the simple, classic design.

The jars are made of PET-G and have the thickness glass, offering high-end appeal but are hard to break.

A range of decoration options are available, such as printing on the top surface of the cap, labeling, hot stamping and more.

The recessed design of the base is compatible with label application.

In combination with other thick-wall series, you can create a full high-end product lineup for various applications.

PG Series
PPSG Series