2024/06/26 New Product ECO

New airless double layer container with integrated overcap and bottle! (S-PWP-80D/S-PWP-120D/PD-P0524BLZ Pump)

A new airless container that protects its contents is now available in a classic design in 80mL and 120mL capacities. It prevents oxidation, making it ideal for organic products and natural cosmetics.

Containers (from the left)

PD-P0524BL Z


Information on the S-PWP-80D/120D can be downloaded here

The delaminating structure consists of a two-layer construction, with an inner bag and an outer bottle. As the contents are dispensed, the inner bag gradually contracts, reducing the residual amount. It can also be used for high-viscosity products.

The use of the airless pump prevents air from entering the container and reduces the exposure of the contents to air. This helps to prevent oxidation and maintain product quality.

The characteristic glossiness of PET material creates a luxurious feel. Since the outer layer and the inner bag are made of the same material, it is easy to sort, recycle, and dispose of after use.