Arc/Fold: Makeup


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Size (mm) 12H x 50W x 52L
Material Detail ABS
Cross-sectional shape Square
Container Type Compact
Contents Powders

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Sustainability Initiatives

Biomass plastic

Plant-based plastics produced from sugar cane. It has the effect of reducing both the use of finite fossil resources and CO2 emissions compared to petroleum-derived resins.

Recycled plastics

In order to reuse spent resources, we manufacture containers made from plastic bottles collected from the market.

Refillable containers

By repeatedly using the same bottle by refilling it, the amount of waste generated is reduced.

Replacement refill containers

Sustainable products that reduce plastic consumption by repeated use of outer parts, and also reduce the amount of packaging waste after the contents are used.

Thin wall containers

By reducing the thickness of the container, the amount of plastic materials used and the environmental impact are reduced.

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